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Friends, I present this song with humility and gratitude to Hashem. 

This song Ki Alechah Ainainou captures the varumkeit - the warmth of a not so distant past.

We go through life distracted by what's right in front of us; the instant and the immediate that are there in abundance, glaring blatantly at us.   We desensitize, lose touch of and don’t feel the incredible power and energy in the  ‘varemkiet’- warmth, that surrounds us. 

The composition came out of the desire to capture that ephemeral warmth. During this song’s journey, I shared the song with the rebbe of Chasish-Pop, the epitome of Yiddisheh Varemkeit, MBD. He connected and injected his profound flavor into the song. This further shined and uplifted this retro but refreshing varmeh - warm song that captures that sound.

 Performed by: Boruch Sholom- BSB

 Compose by: MBD & BSB

 Music by: Sholom Lieberman 

 Guitars: Nachman Dryer 

 Mixed by: Ruli Rzrachi

 Design by: Mendy Drookman- Dmm Graphic Design

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