Ke'malach - כמלאך

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Hello and thank you for being here :))

It will never be taken for granted!

The heart will continue to get excited every time again, and the dance, the dance about my right to sing, create and take out of my heart pieces of love and joy and present them in sound to you – connects us this time too.

The songs of “כמלאך” were given to me by the grace of hashem and erupted from me, in moments of enlightenment, ascension and descent, in a routine or some chag. Each song tells something, trying to find a new meaning for us, for life, for the love of hashem, for true connection.

I seek to walk with you in new places on this journey, in the landmarks of a desire to get closer, of a desire to truly live more.

In a Tefila I will have to enter the heart, “למצא חן ושכל טוב בעיני אלוקים ואדם”

See you at some concert…

Naftali Kempeh - K'malach

נפתלי קמפה - כמלאך

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