Justice From Above - DVD

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Justice from above is a film you will be glad you saw. You'll like it so much you will want to share it with family and friends. This film is perfect for the whole family and although a Drama with plenty of action the lessons taught will last a lifetime. Filmed entirely in Israel and with local talent. The film exudes warmth and Jewish Values are taught in every scene. Join Nesanel as he rises from rags to riches in a most unusual way!
The story takes place at the turn of the century and as a penniless Jew Nesanel struggles to earn a living for his family. He has but one cow and with that he happily makes do and thanks G-d for his good fortune. The film teaches us to rely fully on G-d and follow in his ways. This film is truly worth seeing.
Ages 6+

Run time: Approx 1 hour

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