Jewish Revenge 3 - Mission In Nepal - DVD

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Total Runtime: approx 1 Hour

Quality: DVD Rip

Yehuda Groves Presents: The Jewish Revenge 3 - Mission In Nepal

The film contains Action, Suspnse and Chases. Recommended for ages 14+

Gidon Choen, Israeli Mossad agent receives a dangerous mission. He must fly to Napal to foil an Al-Qaeda purchase of deadly virus that could potentially kill masses in Israel. The seller son of German diplomat can not be harmed. for fear of spoiling diplomatic relations. Things start heating up when Gidon is charged with and found guilty of murder.

Incarcerated and helpless, he meets Chezki the local Chabad Shaliach. Gidon asks Chesky to go to his hotel room and distroy the fatal virus. but someone else got there first. in order to prevent catastrophe, Gidon must break out of prison and disobey the clear orders that he was given.

A stunt filled action movie that portrays the relationship woven between Jews of diverse backgrounds who must cooperate to save the jews of Israel.

Language: English

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