IY"H By Dir - אי״ה ביי דיר

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Im Yirtzeh Hashem By Dir • The Chuppah Series By Shir Veshevach Boys Choir

After months of hard work that went into such an amazing project were very exited to launch our brand new album called "Iyh By Dir", ft. large variety of heart worming "Chupah Songs' sang at the finest occasions night after night.

Being produced by the talented musical leader and conductor of our choir, -the popular "Shir Vshevach-, 'Chaim Meir Fligman, had done a fantastic job with taking care on the whole musical part of the project with involving for the music on this album was arranged by master and legendary Yisroel Lamm, on Yisroel you know there's no need at all to do a background, after delivering masterpieces one after the other on each and every album.

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