Itzikel 2

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Itzikel 2 by Rabbi Yoel Ferber

A tale of Emunah, courage and wit. - The pulse pounding sequel 

In Itzikel 1 we learned that Itzikel is a young genius who was accepted to the Volozhiner Yeshiva at the tender age of ten. After two years at the famous Yeshiva, Itzikel is forcibly inducted into the Russian army. He uses all of his faith and wit to stay true to Hashem, and is saved from a jealous plotting foe, Kristof, in miraculous fashion.
Itzikel 2 opens in Kristof's jail cell the night before his execution. Itzikel's brilliance and leadership abilities are recognized by the General of the Russian Army, and Itzikel gets a big promotion. But all he ever wants is to return to his beloved Volozhiner Yeshiva. Follow Itzikel on every hairpin twist as his rock solid faith is rewarded. Laugh at Itzikel's wit and experience his deep yearning for Torah and Mitzvos. Get caught up in this gripping and entertaining tale. An amazing story you will want to hear again and again.

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