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Staying at home shouldn’t mean missing out on entertainment. Responding to the call of chinuch professionals to help raise spirits during these uncertain times, Reb Shayala’s Kitchen has organized a world class event for adults and children!

The Homeshow event joins together the Jewish world’s best talent and biggest names. The Langsam & Feldman Show (in Yiddish) will be unveiling a brand new comic! Ari Abramowitz, Chaim Brown and Yaakov Berger are preparing a drama that will keep you glued to the screen.

There’s more! Rabbi Lurkowitz of the Crackpot Show interviewing Benny Friedman! Yisroel Silverstein the ventriloquist! David Blatt the illusionist!

The farbrengen was put together by Reb Shayala’s Kitchen and sponsored by Kol Haolam, Chai Care, Hoopla!, Doritos and Rockland Kosher Supermarket.

Show is 3.5 hours long

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