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Album Name: HERO
Artist: Dobby Baum

1. Ashira Vaazamra אשירה ואזמרה (composed by R’ Chezkie Weiss)
2. Shomer Yisrael שומר ישראל
3. HERO (feat. frimi) גבורה (song composed by Estee Rosenberg)
4. It is meant to be (Reimagined) באשערט
5. Artist Prayer תפילת אמן 
6. Refainu רפאינו
7. Sing! (feat. Esther Freeman) לשיר
8. Redemption גאולה
9. Tefilas Challah תפילת חלה (feat. Chavy Klein)
10. We are the power LIVE Version (feat. Chaya Kogan & Shaindel Antelis)
11. Beautiful REMIX 
12. Give Us Strength 

Complete Album Produced, Recorded & Mixed by: Gershy Schwarcz or Edgware Studios

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