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Meet Duvid Berger, a rising star in the world of Kumzits Music. A native of Williamsburg. Duvid has the Hartz and warmth to take any event to the next level. Up until recently, Duvid was known as the man behind it all, doing various Kumzitzin’ on a nightly basis along side some of the most prominent names in Jewish Music. With his sweet harmonies, rich vocals and masterful Guitar skills, Duvid will have the audience joining in song & dance.
As the Yomim Noraim are upon us, enjoy this track featuring some of the most beloved tunes from the Yomim Noraim. With Duvid’s special style, these songs will have a brand new meaning and will hopefully enhance the mood for the Yimei Hadin.

Vocals / Guitar: R’ Duvid Berger
Produced by: Moshy Kraus @ MK Studios
Music arranged by: Yidi Breuer @ MK Studios
Guitars: Nachman Dreyer
Percussion: Golan Kulesh
Flute: Dor Assaraf
Violin: Misha
Mix: Chaim Gottesman
Choir Recorded at MK Studios and Shevach Studios

To book Duvid Berger for a Kumzitz, Simcha or event please call: (718) 223-7033


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