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פיני איינהורן - דורש טוב Pini Einhorn - Doiresh Tov

Composer: R' Cheskie Weisz
Artistic Management: Moishy Roth
Music: Srulik Mendelson
Vocal: Yitzy Berry
Video production & Directing: Sruli Broncher
Photographer: Nati Elbar
Lightman: Arthur Marchenko
Lighting Assistant: Or Levy
Editing and color: Sruli Broncher
Assistant Director: David Birenberg
Casting extras: Nathan wisely
Design and art: Yonatan LeBron
Personal Agent: Yonatan Yechiel
Strategy: Rochi Maitt
Cover photo: Pini Goldberg
Cover design: Studio Yarin Aloush
Digital distribution: Mobile1 music
Digital marketing: Yakir Vana | Y.V Productions
Public Relations: Nati Badash

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