Dance 365 - Volume 2

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Akiva Gelb Purim Collection Album "Dance 365 Vol. 2"!

עקיבא געלב - טאנץ 365 - רקוד 365

When singer Akiva Gelb released Dance 365 three years ago, even HE couldn’t fathom how much of an impact it would have on the world of Jewish music. Since then Akiva has released Relax 365 and countless videos on YouTube. His name is known throughout the world as one of the top wedding vocalists, so it should be no wonder that he is now releasing the follow up album Dance 365 Volume 2.

This time Akiva worked with the talented arranger Yidel Breuer to bring a truly unique sound to this pumping dance collection. Featuring 25 tracks of the biggest hits from this past year including; Eliyahu Hanavi from Sruly Lipschitz, Bitchu from Shmueli Ungar and Sababa, Adama from Matt Dubb, Aish ftom Shwekey, Sinai from Ahrele Samet and Peduscho from Baruch Levine. The album also features many classics like; Sruly Williger’s Hu Klal, Lipa’s Tizke L’mitzvos, Dedi’s Lecha Etein and Meydad Tasa’s Hazman Kotzer.

If that isn’t enough for you, Dance 365 Volume 2 also features a phenomenal album choir by Yossi Glick and the talented boys of the Shir V’shevach Boys Choir conducted by Chaim Meir Fligman. To top it all off, the album was mixed and mastered by Gershy Schwarcz, the best in the business to ensure the best sound out there,.

Dance 365 Volume 2 will be available next week and distributed by Nigun Music. With 2 Adars this year, it’s time to start dancing… 365!

Music By: Yidel Breuer & Avrumy Lunger
Mens Choir By: Shevach Studios
Conducted By: Yossi Glick
Boys Choir By: Shir V'shevach Kids Choir
Conducted By: Chaim Meir Fligman
Mixed & Mastered By: Gershy Schwarcz

Vocals Recorded At: Shevach Studios
Backup Vocals Recorded At: Edgeware Studios
Boys Choir Recorded At: Shir V'shevach
Brass Recorded At: Yisroel Aurbach
Graphics By Yossi Zweig
Marketing By MusicOnTime

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