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Ben Torah - Hershey Rottenberg and Shira Choir | הערשי רוטנברג - מקהלת שירה - בן תורה

The Baal Ha’Tniyeleh is now a Ben Torah

He’s been biking to events for quite a few years, with a guitar on his back and a passion for music. He’s been singing and entertaining crowds with famous tunes, and from time to time, sharing compositions of his own. Hershy Rottenberg, a 34 year old Belzer Chassid residing in Belgium, has been blessed with incredible talent and an incredible dose of sincerity to match. He’s content to sing to his heart’s content and bring pleasure to his community.

But on Tu B’Av 2017, his song Tniyeleh turned Hershy into a public name. His catchy songs traveled across the Jewish music world, the simplicity of his lyrics relevant to every Yid. Tniyeleh, Tov Li, Hamalach, Adon Olam, Kadeish Urchatz, and Lo Luni were all released within a period of nine months. Hershy took the music scene by storm, literally. And he’s not done yet!

Hershy is now a Ben Torah, his official debut release.

Song and Lyrics: Hershy Rottenberg
Produced by: Yossi Honig - Emphasis
Music arranged by: Tzvi Blumenfeld
Post production: Eli Lishinsky
Choir arranged by: Yoeli Horowitz Featuring The Shira Choir
Music recorded at: Artsonic Music, Staten Island, NY
By: Eli Lishinsky
Drums: Benny Kanievsky
Guitars: Nachman Dryer
Bass and Keys: Eli Lishinsky
Vocals recorded at: Silversonic Studios, Brooklyn, NY
By: Yossi Tyberg and Yossi H. Choir Members: Yoely Horowitz, Leiby Fasten, Yumi Haas, Yisroel Mordechai Drummer, Shea Freund, Eli Sprei
Mixed and Mastered by: Eli Lishinsky at Artsonic Music Video Production: On Time Studios Project: GCNY Marketing

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