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The English star who's amazing voice will take you by storm, listen to Shmily Steinmetz

Gone are the days where you could count good Jewish singers on one hand. The market today is flooded with heimishe singers of every type and stripe. Yet rare is the singer who has managed to capture the hearts and souls of so many as this young and upcoming star.

Shunning the limelight from a young age London-born *Shmili Steinmetz's* talent remained a secret known only to his family and closest friends.

But true talents never remain hidden for long, his fame became apparent after he got married and soon enough people were begging him to perform at their simchos and events. Reluctant at first, he was encouraged by his family and friends not to waste his G-d-given talent. Nowadays he is the lead singer at any major British event or Simcha.

While some singers are known for their ability to express the emotion of a slow song and others are popular for energizing a dancing crowd with lebedig music, Steinmetz is exceptional in mastering both of these qualities in a unique combination.

When composer Shimshi Neiman heard Steinmetz’s unique voice, he knew this was the perfect singer for the song he had just written. Taken from gemara Sukka daf 53 the words fitting the current Days of Awe, speak of Hashem’s incredible gift of tshuva.

The first stanza, an old Chabad niggun soaked with emotion crosses over into a lively song that is sure to be a chassuna hit composed by *Neiman* As the song opens with *Steinmetz’s* incredible voice the listener feels his heartstrings pulled with yearning to come closer to Hashem. Switching over to the lively stanza the singer manages to uplift even the most broken soul causing him to rise his feet and dance with joy, feeling Hashem’s love in every word.

Truth be told, there is no need to expound any further, Click on the link below and let the song do the talking – or shall we say singing – and watch this young star rise to a bright future.

Composed by: Shimshi Neiman, London
Musical arrangements by: Schnitzler Studios, NY
Choir arranged by: Eli Sprei of Shira Choir, NY
Recording: Eliezer Levy studios, London.
Mixed by: Abe Berkowitz, New York.
Assisted by: Moti Adler son of world famous musician Meir Adler
PR: YiddishMusic

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