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Dudi Kalisch - Asher Bachar Banu

Has Dudi Kalisch returned to making electronic music ?! Or maybe he brought full arrangements again with a full Philharmonic orchestra ?! Or even brought something new with innovative sounds....
Probably all the answers are correct!

In the new album "אשר בחר בנו", Dudi Kalisch surprises with a sweeping and invested album at the highest level, a combination of contemporary music, electronic sounds, combined with original classical music with touches of advanced rock, and you will also find funk.

All this is joined by magical singing from the children's choir ' The Kinder' conducted by the multi- talented Anshy Eckstein from Montreal, the children brought heavenly and exciting solos.

In this album, every note and sound has undergone a deep thought and work that everything will be complete. Starting with original and exciting compositions by Dudi Kalish and his talented son Moishe Kalish, Through music processing and production invested with the best musicians in their field, Dudi's thrilling and touching vocals, children's vocal processing, and their magical solo singing, mixing and mastering by Eli Lishinsky and Chaim Mozes, with meticulousness and attention to every sound, character, frequency, and sound.

And the perfect result ... a fine album that every minute you listen to it will bring you pure musical pleasure, a feeling of transcendence, joy and a emotional experience!

Pleasant listening!

דודי קאליש - אשר בחר בנו

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