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New Chassidic Album “Ahodeni” is an Instant Hit A unique collection of songs and melodies, compiled into a new CD titled “Ahodenu”, became an instant bestseller as soon as it hit the shelves in music stores. The CD contains some of the most beautiful compositions that are popular at the Skvere Rabbi's court and are frequently sung during the simchos and tischen.

The album artfully combines old-world glory and warmth with current trends in finer music. Some of the tunes are ancient, cherished melodies that have been preserved in the Skver court for over a hundred years, and can be traced back to Chassidim of Rebbe Dovid’l in the town of Skver in the Ukraine. Also featured are several tunes by the renowned composer, R’ Chaim Fried z”l, who was in charge of the niggunim at the previous Rebbe’s court. Some of his compositions have become world-famous classics.

There are also several newer tunes, composed by fellow Chassidic artists. In total, the album features seventeen songs, including heart stirring melodies as well as joyful tunes that lift the spirit. It appeals to everyone, to people of all ages and from all walks of life; to musical connoisseurs as well as the general public. A major aspect of the CD’s attraction is the professionalism of the musical arrangements and presentation. The “giants” of today’s musical scene contributed their talents and skills to this beautiful collection. Some of the names of experts featured on the album are the members of Schnitzler Studios, led by R’ Naftali Moshe Schnitzler; Dikman Studio led by R’ Yoel Dikman, and Rabbi Meir Adler; as well as R’ Mordechai Dovid Goldklang of Goldstrings, among other world-famous stars.

“The playing time on the CD has been extended by twenty minutes,” says Rav Yakov Yosef Felberbaum, producer and composer. “We didn’t scrimp on time, presenting our listeners with more than the usual share of musical pleasure. Every single entry has been hand-picked to inspire, uplift and revitalize your day.”

The choir deserves special mention, as it includes star vocalists from the USA and Israel. A heartstopping child soloist captures the show on many of the featured songs, and the beloved Shevach children’s choir led by Yosef Glick of Shevach Studio, adds its charm. Also featured are the famous choirs of MK Studios, let by R’ Moshe Kraus, and Mekhales Yisroel Aurbach of Israel, which adds its own unique flavor. When the finest in compositions, musicians, studios, arrangers, vocalists, harmonies and choirs blend together in one single album, the result is seventeen masterful presentations that capture the hearts of all listeners.

The CD is unique in its selective use of true Chassidic tunes that hold up to the highest standards of authentic Jewish music, fitting for the most discerning households. All this was accomplished without compromising on the quality and professionalism of the presentation. In a word, the title says it all: Ahodenu – I will praise Him among His dear nation!

אהודנו - ניגוני חסידי סקווירא

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