Aderet Instrumental Dance

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18 Albums in one package! HOURS AND HOURS of pure instrumental Jewish music that will keep you relaxed upbeat and rejuvenated!


Tracks To Dance
Chaim Banet Marches & Waltzes
Gerrer Chassidim Marches & Waltzes 1
Gerrer Chassidim Marches & Waltzes 2
Negina A Chassidic Wedding 1
Yisroel Lamm Philharmonic Experience
Negina A Chassidic Wedding 2
Kosher Gym Aerobics
Upbeat Dances 1
Upbeat Dances 2
Jewish Jazz Caffe'
Trax To Relax 1
Mona Simcha Symphony
Chupa Request
Trax Of Nostalgia
Yaron Gershovsky Classics
Yaron Gershovsky Chassidic Classics

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