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An amazing global movement has been taking shape of recently! This international effort to stop the talking in Shul has been a huge undertaking. Keeping quiet in shul is a zechus for parnassah, shidduchim, refuos and yeshuos. However despite the knowledge that talking during davening is wrong, the epidemic continues. So you may ask, what is the best way to combat this phenomenon? The shushing and apparent frustration of onlookers hardly seems to be enough.

There is an amazing lesson to be learned from the Tosfos Yom Tov, who speaks about this and is what became the basis for this new song. Shauly Waldner sings a new song composed and produced by Yitzy Waldner. Music composed and arranged by A Berko productions. The song reminds us of the amazing brochos that await us, if we focus on Davening, and don't speak in the shul. The rewards are endless! Enjoy this new track, available free, through the StopTheTalking.Org movement.

The song will be available on all digital media platforms.

Vocals recorded at Studio 6. Lakewood NJ
Choir by Shir V'Shevach Boys Choir
Design/Marketing: Sruly Meyer
Lyric Video: MiliMedia Productions

ויזכו לראות בנים חיים וקיימים
ואני תפלתי לך הי עת רצון
האט די תוספות יו״ט אונז דאס צוגעזאגט
אלע ברכות פון די תורה
דאווען צו דער בורא
עס ראטעוועט פון יעדע צער אין פלאג

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