Yavo Acapella

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Produced, Directed & Composed by Yerachmiel Begun

For the first time ever a major Miami hit album from the past is released in acapella form. Yavo has in it songs that can uplift and inspire us in these difficult times. including

“Maim Hashem - We Turn to You”, “Galeh”, “Esa Ainai”, “Ayom V’nora”, “Azor Nu” and of course “Yovo”. The amazing choir sound, intricate harmonies and unreal solos can now be really heard, and in a totally new way.


Meticulous editing and mastering was done to give this an amazing full sound, and a

‘first time ever’ listening experience.


Notable soloists: Yoshi Bender, Yair Kenig, David Herskowitz

Running Time: 45 minutes


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