Tickets Ep. 1 - The Canyon

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An all-new, debut Children's story series is here! The journey starts now! Join two best friends, Binyomin and Avrumi, as they embark upon an adventure, leading them into places they never would expect and teaching them valuable lessons as they go!
Under the direction of the multi-talented and beloved Chicago Pre-1A Rebbi, Eli Itzkowitz, a brand new, fresh story unfolds. Encounter the obstacles that the characters must get through, such as having self-control, seeing the good in seemingly bad situations, and many more challenges that today's children face every day! This story is tailor-made with today's generation in mind, and it will capture audiences of all ages with its fresh, suspenseful, and humorous charm! 
With songs composed by Zalmy Wainhaus and music by Mordechai Chaimovitz, the catchy, inspiring tunes on this album will have you and your kids singing along in no time! 
Featuring an all-new cast of talented boys from Yeshivas Tiferes Tzvi of Chicago, this story will grab your attention with its fresh sound, unlike anything you've heard before! 

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