Stay With Me

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Life's a journey, a journey that is difficult to navigate alone. Life as a Jew is impossible to navigate alone. And yet there are so many of us who try to do the impossible. The Mesivta of Waterbury is a place of creating and maintaining connections– between the students and each other, the students and their teachers and the students and Hashem. It is an atmosphere of support, joy, and love, which allows us to experience, express, and discover ourselves. Music is and has always been an integral part of life in Waterbury. “Stay With Me” - with songs composed and performed by Mesivta students and alumni – is a direct expression of where we have been, of who we are and of who we strive to be. These songs are the battle-cries and longings that we sing along our collective and individual journeys, one that would be impossible and meaningless - without the connections we forge and strive to keep. It is our hope that this music keeps connecting us to each other and to Acheinu Kol Beis Yisroel. 

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