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The album produced by the amazing Motti Gantz contains 10 brand new songs, beautiful melodies by world known composers including Yitzy Waldner, Hershy Weinberger, Motty Ilowitz, Leiby Moskowitz, Sruli Broncher as well as some new talent such as Yossi Freid & Bentzy German, there's also a beautiful composition by talented vocalist 'Avrumy Holczler'. These songs are something that will penetrate into the soul of a person and stay there forever.
Motti Gantz as the producer, involved the right arranger for the right song, having some really great talented people do the music on this album such as Moshe Laufer, David Taub, Chaim Bokchin, Doni Gross, Sruly Lipshitz, Efraim Markowitz, Sruli Broncher and many more names that were involved in the production of the album such as Gershy Schwarcz, Chaim Meir Fligman, Sruly Neuman, Shimon Strohli, Ronen Hillel, Yanky Cohen, Chaim Moses.

The vocals of Chili are beautifully laid down and amazingly performed, you'll enjoy every second listening to it.


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